2019 Construction Machinery Industry Prospects: The Industry's Steady Growth Trend Is Obvious

Investment and output are not directly proportional. How do construction machinery leasing companies make correct investment plans and strategic choices?


The research report of construction machinery leasing industry aims to analyze the future policy direction of construction machinery leasing and the development trend of supervision system from the strategy of national economic and industrial development, and explore the market potential of construction machinery leasing industry, based on the depth of key market segments. Research, provide...


According to the statistics of major construction machinery enterprises listed in the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, there are 9 major categories of construction machinery from January to September 2018 (excavators, loaders, bulldozers, graders, truck cranes, truck cranes, The overall sales volume of industrial vehicles, road rollers and pavers increased by 30.2% year-on-year, and some categories of products had a high-speed growth of more than 50% year-on-year. Among them, the sales volume of excavators from January to September reached 156,242 units, an increase of 53.3% year-on-year; Cranes sold 24,691 units from January to September, a year-on-year increase of 67.9%.


The “Belt and Road” and the global economic recovery jointly drive exports, and the export sales of construction machinery broke out in 2018. From the excavator, the main 9 categories of construction machinery in January-September 2018 increased by 39% compared with the same period of last year, and the sales volume in 2013-2016 was basically the same or even surpassed.




Experts predict that with the “One Belt and One Road”, the significant out-of-load effect of construction machinery and the equipment demand brought by the global economic recovery will be driven by multiple demands such as the tightening of national environmental protection policies and the peak period of mechanical equipment replacement, and it is expected that construction machinery will be built in 2019. The industry is expected to maintain a stable and good development trend, which is expected.


Under the main theme of “high quality development”, quality and service are the foundation of the brand's long-term development. According to industry insiders, in the next five years, it will be an opportunity period for upgrading and upgrading the construction machinery industry, which is an opportunity period for international development and an important stage for China's construction machinery industry to move toward a strong engineering machinery. At the same time, due to the advent of the Internet and artificial intelligence era, engineering machinery is developing in the direction of informationization and integration.


With the continuous advancement of industrial transformation and upgrading, the future of the new four (electricization, network, intelligent, sharing) will be the focus of industry development. Under this opportunity and challenge, the construction machinery brand needs to be pioneered by innovation and technology, backed by service, taking quality as the famous brand, grasping the development trend of the industry value chain, and better launching the “quality revolution” with green new kinetic energy. High quality and sustainable development in the industry!