Basic Characteristics Of Vertical Hoist

Vertical hoist series of products by the transmission device, functional components, according to certain rules and structure of the form, with a specific function of the product. The following analysis of the basic characteristics of the vertical lift machine features:

(1) integrity. The vertical machine consists of a number of components, mainly by the drive device, the upper body, cylinder, traction mechanism, tail box, platform and other components, the various components of different functions, in accordance with a certain order to complete the coordination of the completion of the assembly Total functional requirements.

(2) correlation. By the coupling of the power input, driving the upper part of the head of the rotation axis of the movement, and then drive the first wheel and the shaft shaft between the traction parts to run, and ultimately achieve the purpose of lifting the material. The specific relationship between the components is organic, interrelated, interacting, and constraining each other.

(3) purpose. The task of the vertical hoist product is to complete the product specified by the user to raise the height and delivery requirements.

(4) the structure of the hierarchy. The machine is composed of a number of structural components, the parts by a number of components and parts of the composition, the components can be broken down a number of parts. The structure of the vertical hoist product can be divided into the smallest parts by the principle of functional decomposition.