Huaxia Brigade Group Leader: Xia Chunting The Transformation Of The Industrial Transformation Of The Road

Thousands of miles of coastline, a landscape painting. In the most suitable example of human habitation of the city - China Weihai, there is such a resort, she Chengshan of the rhyme, satisfied that the sea waves, mountains and the sea as the most natural carrier of culture, together to create a concentration of five thousand years of Chinese civilization Of the city of epic.

Huaxia Brigade Group has successfully built the Weihai city cultural tourism complex project and Xiamen old courtyard city cultural tourism complex project, which Weihai city cultural tourism complex project has Weihai Chinese city area, Chinese legend show, Weihai fugue ocean world And many other tourism brands. Weihai Huaxia City, won the "national cultural industry demonstration base", "national recreational fishery demonstration base", "Shandong province cultural industry demonstration park", "China's most potential top ten theme park", "China creative industry best park Award "and so on. Large-scale landscape real performance - Chinese legend, was named "China's most potential of the top ten real theme performances", "Shandong tourism most shocking tourism performing arts", "brand Shandong" tourism entertainment award.

This is the founder of the holy land of the mountain, is the chairman of China Travel Group - Xia Chunting.

As a former Chinese tower crane king, for the name of Xia Chunting, I believe many people are not familiar with. In 1985, he started playing the cement pipe by $ 48. In 1994, he was transformed into a construction machinery. By 1998, he had developed into a nationwide leader in the construction industry, with a market share of 28% and 30 years for the country. Billion yuan. By his single-handedly established Huaxia Group, after 30 years of development, has been a single production of construction machinery industry enterprises, the rapid growth of cross-industry, multi-field modernization of large enterprise groups, the Group's total assets of 15 billion yuan.

In 2003, Xia Chunting the great practitioner when the situation, gorgeous turned to the cultural tourism industry to enter, set foot from the second industry to the tertiary industry transformation and upgrading of the road.

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Talk about development ideas

In the development of enterprises on the road, Xia Chunting has said such a thing. "Do not take away the reins of the grinding donkey, always around the grinding Road, there is no way to no way out, we must face and actively participate in disorderly competition, otherwise it will die before the orderly competition.China's construction and Europe, Europe today is China 's tomorrow, when the construction of Europe began to gradually reduce the time on behalf of our tower crane business is not Chaoyang products, but a stage product, so I have to change in the stability, in the development of survival.

"Is the so-called 'people without foresight, there must be near worry', I always remind myself, but also to remind our middle-level cadres, we must learn to plan ahead, be vigilant. Throughout the past, where the event, there must be ' He said: "He never went to hell, who into the hell," the spirit of sacrifice, and be able to mind the world, inclusive of all the big pattern.Gill Gates said he has always been wearing a telescope to see the world, Hu Xueyan is that a People have a county 's eyes can only do a county' s business; and have the world 's eyes can do the world business .I want to learn from them, put their eyes long, rather than just staring at the front.

Weihai Huaxia City area of the site for the Weihai City Center quarry, the area only destroyed the most serious six mines on an area of 936 acres, the entire area of 44 mines accumulated area of 3767 acres. In the surrounding environment to destroy the serious mountain construction of large tourist attractions, in many people seems to be impossible, so Xia Chunting also was crowned the "fool" in the name.

In 2003, in the summer spring Pavilion of the "stupid" under the leadership of the public, China Travel Brigade Group has begun more than ten years of mine repair project. "During the period of repairing the mountain, we used more than 130 vehicles to transport 56.9267 million cubic meters of soil, successively treated the quarry 44, built the size of the reservoir 35, 11.27 million trees, the cumulative investment of 4.43 billion yuan, In a barren hills on the ridge, to create a mountain of beautiful, but also contains the ancient oriental culture of the human Shengjing "Xia Chunting said.

Today's Huaxia City, more than thirty lakes are dotted, more than 20 landscape homeopathic stretch, the ancient building set north and south of the essence of the new venues into the modern technology. Castle Peak, clear water, blue sky, white clouds is the vast background of Chinese city; architecture, culture, folklore, performing arts is the most fascinating elements of China's city. In 2007, the rise of the mine ruins of the Chinese city officially opened. After eight years of operation, the total number of tourists reached 7.11 million passengers, of which 2014 tourists amounted to 1.2 million people. Also in the same year, China City was named the national cultural industry demonstration base. By the end of 2015, China's urban area successfully passed the National Tourism Administration organized the "5A-class tourist attractions landscape quality expert review", included in the national 5A level scenic reserve list.

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Talk about business

"If you want to have a creative life, you can not be too concerned about the past.You must be interested in who you have, you have done anything to put aside the outside world always want to fix your image, but it makes you It is always a pioneer. "This is a section of Steve Jobs, in his view, those who have creativity must have a rich life.

Xia Chunting may not have seen this passage, but he has done so inadvertently, from the cement pipe to the tower crane, from the pharmaceutical to the real estate, from the painting and calligraphy to travel, Xia Chunting every step is attracted to criticism, Travel, was a lot of people called "crazy", "fool".

Huaxia Brigade Group in accordance with the principle of seeking truth from facts, according to the principle of local conditions, according to the original quarry and the surrounding environment of the specific circumstances, 360-degree rotation can be run before and after the mobile grandstand auditorium located in a large quarry, the surrounding mountain repair , Hit the natural landscape real stage, the first seven outdoor 360-degree large-scale landscape real performers.