Fast-erecting Crane Torque Limiter Sensor Common Fault Solution

Angle detection, arm length detection and azimuth detection sensor is generally used potentiometer. It is a common fault phenomenon is the display shows the value of the jump, the same or chaos. Since these three sensors are only a simple mechanical device, maintenance is simple, so the fault diagnosis usually from here. Check the method is to use a multimeter to detect the sensor output signal is continuous, or remove the sensor, hand speed rotation, through the multimeter to check the output resistance of the output and the total resistance is consistent with the calibration value, if abnormal, then the sensor has a problem, Replace it. These three sensors can be replaced with the same specifications of the national product, but the angle detector and azimuth detector installation location is very important in the demolition should make the appropriate mark, the installation should be careful.

The torque detection or weight detection sensor is typically a bridge composed of strain gauges. To determine whether a Fast-erecting Crane is equipped with a torque detection sensor or a weight detection sensor, there is a very simple method of determining whether the torque limiter is required to enter the length of the wire rope and, if necessary, the weight detection sensor, and vice versa , It is the torque detection sensor. Common weight detection sensors are three pulleys, and some crawler Fast-erecting Cranes are mounted on the gantry pulley. Torque detection sensors are most commonly installed at the connecting pin of the luffing hydraulic cylinder. In general, these two sensors can not be broken, can only find the original manufacturer or professional manufacturers to solve the problem. Because these two sensors are bridges, so the potential level is low, and very sensitive, it is often used shielded wire, and once the shield or connector is damaged, often have a greater impact on the test results, so when the cable must be replaced With the whole root intact shielded wire, and requires smooth and reliable solder joints, joints should also pay attention to waterproof.