How To Install The External Case Of The Bucket Hoist

Bucket Hoist is our industrial production and machinery manufacturing industry often see the machine equipment, its working principle is simple, but widely used, whether it is cement or other materials can be improved, so the bucket Hoist failure situation is very small See, in order to extend the life of bucket Hoist, the most important work is to do the maintenance or replacement of the chassis. We know that the bucket Hoist conveyor height can be specified, the use of multi-section of the technology to assemble, so only to master the two sections of the installation skills, the rest can use the same method.

1, the installation should be equipped with fitter, lifting, electrical and welder and other professional workers to participate.

2, before installation should carefully check the installation site of the plant, foundation or floor hole and the installation between the hoist size, in particular, should pay attention to the drive on the installation of the hoist (left or right) to meet the design drawings requirements. If you find the actual size and design size does not meet, should be measured after the actual size to be modified to ensure the installation quality.

3, the installation should be prepared before the necessary installation tools and materials.

4, equipment installation process, the user should immediately on the hoisting machine parts inventory, classification and quality inspection, and properly preserved, should not be open piled up to avoid corrosion and damage to the parts. If you find the machine is incomplete or damaged, should try to fill or repair.

5, the installation of the first level with the level of leveling, such as the discovery of uneven, allowing the use of steel plate pad, and then based on the basis of the hoist map has been set on the basis of the foot bolt once again review. The head device and the middle of the chassis to the corresponding floor to the installation, but also in the installation process will be the middle of the chassis from the top to the next section of a hanging.