How To Make Small Piling Machine More Fuel Efficient

Save is to earn, without affecting the construction efficiency of the premise of small Piling Machine more fuel-efficient, not only save costs, the correct operation can also make piling machine to play a greater role, the following to introduce a few small fuel-saving tips The

1. In the process of small Piling Machine, the pressure amplitude should be uniform, not too much pressure, not only can reduce fuel consumption, but also to protect the relevant parts, but also improve the efficiency;

2. According to the different construction conditions, select the appropriate drill bit in the piling on the lifting process and can reduce the fuel consumption;

3. In the small Piling Machine drill before the upgrade, the appropriate reverse drill, can reduce the resistance, but also disguised to reduce the effective role;

4. The last point is to make good use of oil, not only to get a good performance of the piling machine can also reduce fuel consumption, hydraulic oil viscosity should be moderate, oil viscosity index of not less than 90, good hydraulic oil to have a good antioxidant and Hydrolysis stability.

Used more than four points, the main we seriously comprehend with the actual operation, I believe at least about 20% of fuel-efficient, save the oil is money, is the cost, but also to extend the use of small Piling Machine, why not for that.