How To Solve The Failure Of The Hoist

Bucket hoist is one of the indispensable equipment of cement and other enterprises. Understand and master the structure of the bucket Hoist performance, installation and maintenance and troubleshooting solutions, and to properly maintain and use, you can guarantee the normal and efficient operation of the hoist to ensure continuous production, increase operating rate.

First, the Hoist side does not move or the motor fever smoke

1. brake armature does not move or armature and friction plate spacing is too small: adjust the pitch or replace the armature.

2. Brake coil burnout: Replace the brake coil.

3. Rectifier block short circuit damage: replace the rectifier block.

4. Damage to the thermal relay or contactor in the electric box: Replace the corresponding electrical parts.

5. Transfer switch damage: Replace the changeover switch.

Second, the motor in the run-time abnormal sound.

1. Phase phase power: check the three-phase power supply, the line with or without disconnection, disconnection, the plug is connected firmly.

2. Rotor blades touch the shell: adjust the fan position.

3. Bearing damage: replacement of two 6205 bearings or factory maintenance.