Jiangsu High Construction Machinery Through The Manufacturing License Clearance Work Smoothly

Jiangsu High Construction machinery is under the jurisdiction of the China Construction Machinery Manufacturing Branch, the main production tower crane, construction lifts construction machinery products. Special equipment manufacturing license is about to expire, before welcoming the expert replacement assessment, Guo Weidong, general manager held a number of meetings, requiring all staff attach great importance to do a good job of document preparation, quality records and workshop site placement, product identification Ready to work.

April 13 to 15, the State Construction Urban Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the three experts were approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine to the special equipment manufacturing license accreditation assessment work. The experts in the assessment of the sub-basic conditions, technical documents, quality assurance system of the three groups, according to TSG special equipment safety technical specifications z0004-2007 national standards and the company established warranty manuals, procedures and quality management system documents to review. Mainly on-site observation, view the past four years, quality assurance system documents and quality records. After two days of expert review, at the last meeting of the audit team leader on the company's quality assurance system to give a high degree of evaluation, agreed that the company established quality policy, quality objectives are appropriate, the quality assurance system can be required according to the normal operation of the file. But also made a few corrections, so that the company established the quality assurance system continued to improve, continuously improve product quality.