Luffing Crane Wire Rope Related Knowledge

1, what is the safety regulation of the Luffing Crane wire rope?

A: According to the "lifting machinery safety regulations" on the provisions of the wire rope:

1 variable length lifting wire rope in a twist pitch within the number of broken wire shall not be greater than 10% of the total number of wire rope;

2 wire radial wear or corrosion of more than 40% of the original diameter should be scrapped, when less than 40%, according to the provisions of the number of broken wire scrap;

3 suspended Luffing Crane hoisting hot metal or dangerous goods, the number of wire rope scrap, take the general Luffing Crane wire scrapped with half of the standard;

4 for compliance with ISO2408 (general purpose wire rope characteristics "standard structure of the provisions of the wire rope, scrap the number of broken wire should be implemented in accordance with the provisions of GB5972-86;

5 wire rope has obvious corrosion should be scrapped;

6 Outer outer steel wire elongated bird cage type should be scrapped.

2, mobile Luffing Crane used in the main rope there are several categories?

A: The wire rope is based on the use of the Luffing Crane, mainly divided into lifting wire rope and variable width wire rope.

Variation wire rope has the following characteristics:

One is strong stability. Variation wire rope with a layer of plastic layer, the wire rope and the advantages of all steel core into one. Completely lubricated independent steel core is first covered with a layer of plastic cushion, and then the outer strand in a spiral wound on it, which formed a plastic layer of curved wire rope. The plastic layer forms a buffer layer, which becomes the base bed of the strands, which fixes the various parts of the wire rope and, even under the greatest external force, can maintain the stability of the rope as a tights, Wire rope in the impact load under the bulk of the most effective way).

Second, high lubricity. Variation of the rope to the independent steel core in a fully sealed state, the internal lubricating material will not be lost, to ensure that the rope life-free lubrication. Third, high resistance to extrusion. Varied wire rope relative to the lifting wire rope, the use of low frequency, but always carrying a larger load. The whole rope extrusion structure of the variable wire rope, in a certain diameter space to increase the metal wire cross-sectional area, so under the same conditions more anti-extrusion.