Agricultural Mechanization Division Promotes The Special Rectification Of Agricultural Machinery Products

Agricultural Mechanization Division promotes the special rectification of agricultural machinery products

28/10.2019 Agricultural Machinery Network 

Since the beginning of this year, the Department of Agricultural Mechanization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has organized the special rectification of agricultural machinery products for the problem of “big horses and small carts”, and has focused on standardizing the testing and appraisal of subsidies and important agricultural machinery such as tractors. At present, positive progress has been made, farmers and agricultural machinery management. The awareness of prevention of departments and appraisal institutions has been significantly enhanced, and the number of problematic products in the market has been significantly reduced. The majority of agricultural machine operators, agricultural machinery enterprises and related industry associations have given positive comments.

The engine power of the "Big Marathon" problem is seriously mismatched with the chassis. The engine power is far beyond the extreme value that the chassis design can withstand. It can't pull the machine tool that should match its engine power, the reliability is poor, and the energy is wasted. The performance on the top is more prominent. According to the survey, some enterprises have produced products of “big horses and small cars” for the purpose of lowering the cost of products into higher subsidy grades. They are not only suspected of illegally defrauding financial funds, but also misleading farmers to purchase poor quality products. It has had a negative impact on the normal order of the agricultural machinery market and agricultural production. In order to resolutely curb such phenomena, the Department of Agricultural Mechanization has taken a series of measures with the relevant parties and focusing on tractors. First, strengthen publicity and education, organize the “Consumer Warning of Agricultural Machinery Products on the Issue of “Dalama Cars” on the 3∙15 Consumer Rights Day, and remind the rural consumers to fully understand the hazards of the products of the “Dalama Car” problem. Coveting a cheap purchase caused a series of problems and losses; China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association issued a proposal to guide production and marketing enterprises to adhere to the development of the bottom line, integrity and law-abiding operations, do not produce and sell "big horse car" problem products. The second is to carry out special investigations on the reliability test of tractors in third-party institutions, to promote the reliability test of tractors and other products, to strictly control the inspection data of agricultural machinery test and identification, and to strictly control the reliability test. The third is to organize the agricultural machinery appraisal institutions, production enterprises, industry associations, etc. to dig deep into the causes, improve the relevant appraisal outlines and technical specifications, and weaving the technical system defense line. The fourth is to support some provinces to adjust and optimize the subsidy equipment classification, the pilot will be the minimum use ratio quality as the sub-parameter parameters, targeted to prevent the "big horse car" problem products involved in the file. The fifth is to strengthen the supervision and implementation of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy. The General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the General Office of the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Supervision and Regulation of the Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Policy to Strengthen the Disciplinary Constraints”, requiring all localities to refine the actualization of agricultural machinery production enterprises. Commitment matters, the "big horse car" problem is listed as "small to large" serious violations, the implementation of the top-level treatment of untrustworthy enterprises, a product violation, suspension of all product subsidies, all illegal, all provinces implement linkage processing By adopting strict and effective measures, it will effectively purify the market environment of subsidized machinery.

    In the next step, the Department of Agricultural Mechanization will continue to promote the special rectification in depth, organize local and relevant units to further improve the reliability test results of tractors, optimize key and bulk power machinery subsidy parameters, organize and conduct violations of big data investigation and subsidy equipment. Third-party verification will consolidate and enhance the effectiveness of special rectification, further strengthen supervision, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the broad masses of peasants and honest enterprises.