Safe Operating Procedures For High Frequency Vibration Piling Machine

First, the vibration Piling Machine operators, must be familiar with the mechanical structure, performance, operating essentials and safety precautions, after passing the test and obtain a certificate, can be operated separately.

Second, the operator in the operation, we must focus on energy. Not with unrelated personnel that laugh, play, trouble, operation are not allowed to smoke and eat food.

Third, strict compliance with the vibration of the piling machine maintenance regulations, do a good job at all levels of maintenance, to ensure that vibration Piling Machine is often in good condition. And should pay attention to reasonable use, the correct operation.

Fourth, the vibration Piling Machine in the work before, should make the following preparations:

1, to the construction staff to understand the construction conditions and tasks, and construction problems found in this class should pay attention to matters.

2, according to the construction staff required by the shock force, adjust the vibration Piling Machine gear position.

3, check the cable, wire insulation is good. Check the controller contact is good, the boundaries are correct.

4, check the power supply voltage is to meet the requirements.

5, according to daily maintenance items on the Ministry of lubrication, maintenance.

5, vibration piling machine in the work of the safety precautions:

1, vibration piling machine work, there must be someone command. Commanders and operators should check each other before working with each other. Work should be closely with.

2, the beginning of the vibration, the application of bells or other means to send a signal to inform the surrounding staff to leave.

3, vibration Piling Machine and pile cap, pile cap and pipe column (or pile) plane to pad flat, tie bolts should be tightened, and should always check whether there is loose.

4, vibration piling machine should be started by the low-speed file to speed up to high speed.

5, vibration Piling Machine in the work should be closely watched on the control panel current, voltage indication. If abnormal or other abnormal circumstances, should immediately stop inspection.

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6, often check the bearing temperature and the bearing cap screws are loose phenomenon, to strictly check the eccentric iron connection screw loosening, to prevent accidents.

7, vibration sink, the column (or pile) around the station is strictly prohibited.

8, vibration Piling Machine with water, suction sedimentation, should be in contact with the relevant personnel, and in the work of mutual care.

9, the length of the string or pile and the installation of pile cap, the staff must wear seat belts.

10, vibration sinking process, is strictly prohibited mechanical maintenance, maintenance work.

6, vibration piling machine to stop working, should immediately cut off the power supply, and piling machines and motors to check, maintenance.

7, vibration piling machine long-term disabled, should be stored in storage, the motor to do a good job of moisture protection, control the instrument on the disk, should be removed box custody.