Safety And High Risk Characteristics Of Fast-erecting Crane

1. Material of the high potential energy lifting load of large, generally on the weight, and some up to several hundred tons. The lifting process is the movement of the heavy objects in the air. As the load quality, high position, which has a high potential energy. In the event of an accident, the high potential energy will be quickly converted into high kinetic energy.

2. Multidimensional movement Unlike other stationary machines, the Fast-erecting Crane needs to move as a whole during the operation, and the lifting process is achieved by means of a combination of multiple mechanisms. Each organization has a large number of complex structure, different shapes, different movements, variable speed of the movable parts, coupled with the three-dimensional load of the three-dimensional space, so that the formation of the risk of lifting the source and more scattered specialty.

3. Large range of heavy Fast-erecting Crane Large metal structures across the workshop or workplace, above other equipment, facilities and construction of the crowd, the Fast-erecting Crane lifting material, can be achieved with the load case, the Fast-erecting Crane part or the overall movement in a wide range Operation, while increasing the operating area, but also to increase the scope of the impact of danger.

4. The process of mass lifting of the work is through the ground Division workers tied up hanging objects, hooks, unloading, lifting the Fast-erecting Crane to manipulate the Fast-erecting Crane lifting the material, according to the ground command requirements, through the space, the hanging objects to the designated Position of a series of links. Every time the lifting cycle, must be multi-person cooperation to complete, no matter which part of the problem, are likely to happen.

5. The complexity of the operating conditions In the interior of the Fast-erecting Crane, the ground equipment, staff concentrated; in the outdoor crane, will be subject to weather conditions and venues; at night operations, will be affected by the operating conditions of lighting conditions. In addition, a wide range of materials, including pieces, bulk, liquid, solid-liquid mixture and other materials, different shapes. In addition, mobile cranes also involve terrain and the surrounding environment and many other factors.

The main types of lifting accidents are:

1. heavy objects fall blow damage

2. Fast-erecting Crane lost stability

3. Damage to metal structures

4. personnel drop injury

5. Milling and crushing injuries

6. electric shock

7. Other mechanical damage