Selection Of Dust Collector And Hoist In Superfine Mill

With the development of science and technology, milling equipment, more and more models, the majority of users can according to their actual needs to choose the most suitable milling machine. The increase in the number of milling equipment has also led to the continuous development of its supporting equipment, such as dust in the dust collector and hoist selection. Dust catcher and hoist models are also many, the user can according to their actual production needs, use the nearest ancillary equipment.

In the use of the hoist, NE and NSE hoist is used more, NSE hoist is in the NE hoist on the basis of the development and expansion of the design, NSE-type hoist than the NE-type elevator delivery Large, higher lifting height, while the structure size also increases, drive power also increases. In addition, NSE-type hoist and NE-type elevator chain pitch is not the same, NSE-type hoist pitch is not greater than 150mm, NE-type hoist pitch is not less than 150mm, we all know that the pitch is small, running fast. NSE-type hoist chain speed is 60 m / min or more, NE-type elevator chain speed is 60 m / min, in the country using chain drives are generally 60 m / min - 80 m / min.

In the selection of dust collector, it is recommended to use pulse bag filter. Pulse bag filter than the general bag filter cleaning capacity, to maintain a high filtration speed. Dust-laden gas from the inlet into the middle of a box with a number of filter bags, when the dust-laden gas through the filter bag exhaust, the dust was stranded in the outer surface of the filter bag, and the gas is purified by the fan into the atmosphere The The filter bag is fixed on the perforated plate by a bag cage. Pulse bag filter not only purifies the air, but also a combination of the national green economy development, is a best choice for both festivals, so to select the ultra-fine powder machine with a pulse bag filter.

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