The Advantages Of Mast Crane

Derrick Crane (derrick) to the mast for the body of the boom rotation of the crane. The mast crane consists of a mast body, a dynamic lifting system, and a stabilizing system. The main components from the mast, boom, support device and lifting, luffing, rotating body composition.

In accordance with the support way sub-inclined Derrick Crane and cable type Derrick Crane. The bracing mast crane supports the mast with two steel ramps, which are longer than the mast and can only rotate within 270 °, but the crane covers an area of small. The cable mast crane is used to stabilize the mast with multiple cables

, That is, in the bottom of the mast installed turntable, boom shorter than the mast, can be rotated 360 °.

Derrick Mast cranes are generally used to set their own volley pulley and rope to set up their own, with a light structure, simple transmission, easy assembly and disassembly advantages. Widely used in fixed-point loading and unloading heavy objects and installation of large equipment.

① mast vertical erection, driven by the rotating mechanism can rotate around its axis. Although the mast has a support device, but it is difficult to strictly stand upright, so the rotation mechanism using wire rope drive, that is, at the bottom of the mast installed turntable, around the wire rope, with a reversible hoist back and forth to pull the mast.

② the boom and the lower part of the mast hinge, with the mast with the rotation, and under the action of the pulley group can be pitching amplitude.

③ support device used to support the mast in the vertical position.

④ lifting, variable amplitude, rotary hoist are installed in the crane outside the engine room.