The Method Of Dealing With The Collapse Of Small Piling Machine

Baoding Xiaobian to introduce the piling machine before the failure of the reasons, today and everyone to explore the next, the collapse of the treatment method. The use of small Piling Machine in the infusion process, if found in the wellbore pulp slurry slurry slurry suddenly rise in the overflow tube, then plummeted and emerge bubbles, then we must consider whether the phenomenon of collapse, you can use the sounding hammer Detection, if the sounding of the original hanging in the concrete surface is not taken out of the buried can not be mentioned, or the depth of the measured depth of the concrete surface can not reach the original depth of a lot of difference, are proved to be collapsed.

The reason for the collapse of the piling machine may be that the water leakage around the foot of the casing is reduced or the water level in the hole is reduced or in the tidal river, and the water level difference in the hole can not be maintained when the tide is high, or the original hydrostatic pressure can not be maintained, Material or Piling Machine vibration and other reasons can cause collapse. To identify the cause of the collapse of the reasons, to take appropriate measures, such as maintaining or increasing the head, remove the weight, remove vibration, etc., to prevent the collapse of the collapse; and then use a suction machine into the hole into the hole, And then continue to collapse, it shows that can return to normal perfusion.

When the collapse is not serious, it can be backfilled to the collapse position above, and take measures to improve the mud performance, increase the head, burial and other measures to continue drilling, if the collapse of serious, should immediately drill all sand or small gravel Clip clay backfill, suspend the work of small Piling Machine, and so on after a period of time to identify the reasons for collapse, take the appropriate measures to re-drilling.