The Reason Of The Unbalance Of The Tension Of The Vertical Hoist Wire Rope

In order to produce the vertical tensioner wire rope tension imbalance, to achieve the rope tension balance should be in the rope groove diameter and the use of tension measurement method to detect the displacement of the rope to consider, in order to effectively solve the tension imbalance o, o The As the vertical hoist wire rope automatic suspension device fault handling more intuitive, not repeat them here, only to adjust the other circumstances that.

In the actual operation of the vertical hoist six wire rope hanging length is inconsistent, friction wheel 6 rope groove diameter is inconsistent, the two reasons are basically associated with the emergence. 6 wire rope length inconsistency caused by wire rope creep, wire rope and friction pad force deformation, in the friction arc occurred relative peristalsis. Vertical hoist wire rope creeping acceleration friction wheel friction pad wear, so that the friction wheel diameter becomes smaller, these two factors are complementary, so adjust the length of six wire rope suspension is the key to solve the problem.

First, the determination of tension imbalance

During the operation of the cage, it is observed that the amount of expansion and contraction of the self-balancing suspension has been limited and the length of the rope can not be compensated.

Second, the consistency of the parameters of the rope

In the multi-rope friction vertical hoist lifting device, the choice of wire rope should ensure that the corresponding parameters include mechanical properties (fatigue strength, tensile strength, bending strength, elastic modulus) and geometry (cross-section diameter, unit weight) consistency, To ensure that the same rolling mill out of the same batch of wire in the same machine twist, replace the vertical hoist wire rope should also be replaced with the same material made of the same performance, the same dimensions of the friction pad.