The Structure Principle And Application Of Wind - Driven Hoist

Hoist Mainly by the high-pressure fan (special), suction pipe, closed box, adjust the baffle, with weights, after the wind pipe composition.

Hoist Working principle: start the centrifugal high-pressure fan, the pipe, the box to form a negative pressure, the outlet was closed, the inlet suction wind at the same time the formation of air, into the inhalation of materials, materials into the box, Stop and fall in the discharge port, when the discharge port has a certain weight automatically open, the material is released at the same time into the air, so that the box is in a certain negative pressure air flow, for different materials to adjust the wind speed, to achieve continuity At the same time, the exclusion of materials than the weight of light impurities and small materials. At the same time in the feed port to prevent more than the weight of the material debris, such as stones and so on.

Hoist Main features: strong continuity, suitable for uniform grain materials, such as corn. Rice, wheat, soybeans, rapeseed, etc. In the process of upgrading, you can go to the complex, you can prevent excessive weight of other materials are inhaled.

Hoist Main applications: corn particles below, rapeseed particles above, commonly used to enhance the rice, wheat, soybeans, rapeseed and other particles of uniform weight of the material, especially out of the material impurities in the effect is more obvious.

Installation range: the bottom of the feed pipe need to stay intermittent, need to bring their own material pressure. Flat installation requires a big pot. Into the installation requires a 20-40 cm deep, about 0.5 diameter of the pit, the following also use the bottom of the pot.

Hoist Disadvantages: power needs large, are generally configured 1.5 kilowatts of two motor, the machine cost is high.

Dust is difficult to row, difficult to deal with. The corresponding increase in costs.