Three Major Taboos On Piling Machine

Design and manufacturing level, as well as the use of the environment and maintenance of a direct impact on the screw Piling Machine life and failure rate, of course, the correct use of on-time maintenance can reduce the failure, can not completely avoid failure, so in order to effectively eliminate the fault, shorten the downtime , Piling Machine operators to master the basic maintenance methods, Xiao Bian today introduced several quick maintenance methods.

The first is the piling machine parts transposition method, the machine can work properly by the close cooperation between each component to complete, in the process of construction of the screw Piling Machine are bearing a different one-way load, a long time will wear Uniform, appropriate replacement can achieve uniform wear can also extend the life of the parts, so not all serious parts of the wear are new, as long as the replacement of the small parts of the same force can play a role, save the money to save the accessories To buy parts of the time; Second, the brush plating and adhesive repair method, simply in the piling machine construction site using brush plating adhesive repair process, quickly repair the failure of parts, with the piling machine maintenance technology continues to progress, Commonly used repair methods such as magnetic plating, laser plating, etc., can be reasonably based on the actual use of timely repair.

Prevention is more important than governance, to prevent the truth are aware of the piling machine on the three major taboos Xiaobian also introduced, we must strictly abide by the spiral Piling Machine operating procedures, found the problem in time to stop the inspection can repair the repair, can not Repair and do not reluctantly contact the professional maintenance staff, regular inspection and maintenance, to develop a day after the workers clean up the clearance check the habit of piling machine.