What Is The Difference Between Bucket Hoist And Belt Conveyor?

In the modernization of production operations, whether in the milling industry, or in many other industries, can see the shadow of the conveyor, some vertical transport, some oblique plane transport. In short, no matter what kind of transport, all for our production operations to improve the efficiency, save the human and financial resources, today's small series for everyone to introduce the bucket Hoist and belt conveyor.

First of all, the general conveyor belt conveyor, screw conveyor, and so on, they are generally horizontal. Belt Conveyor is the use of belt (tape), roller, motor and other levels of transmission. Screw conveyor is the use of spiral vane rotation to transport. The bucket Hoist is a widely used vertical conveying device for transporting all kinds of granular and crushing materials in the vertical direction or at a large tilt angle. Hoist is vertical conveying, using a belt or chain connected to one of the hopper (welded by the iron plate) to transport a variety of different materials, and then with the drive device (including motor and other accessories).

In comparison, the bucket lifting function transports the material in the vertical direction and the area is small; in terms of lifting altitude, the conveying route is shortened greatly, and the system is compact, and the bucket Hoist is fully enclosed in the enclosure and has a better sealing property, which can reduce the pollution to the environment.

Of course, whether it is a bucket Hoist or belt conveyor, there is a suitable place for him to use, the vast number of users in the purchase or in accordance with their actual needs to buy. Shanghai Colliric is a professional manufacturer of ore milling equipment, including milling equipment and ancillary equipment, welcome new and old customers come to buy.