What New Changes And Trends Will Be Ushered In The Precision Machining Industry In 2019

2019 can be said to be a year of opportunities and challenges in the precision machining industry. Now is the era of high efficiency and network communication development, traditional production companies will face unprecedented challenges. Many people who are willing to try and eat crabs are already on the road to change.



Industry automation, intelligent industrial upgrading and reform have been widely recognized and sought after by the industry, and many companies are also implementing their own company's automation projects on a down-to-earth basis, such as the Georgian manufacturing companies such as Gree and Midea. Foxconn and so on have their own automation implementation team, and some small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot establish their own automation team are working hard to build their own automation process through various channels.



National policies have already advanced the industry 4.0 plan, whether it is based on the industrial production of 3.0, or the integration of industrialization and informationization based on 4.0, which has pointed out the direction for China's manufacturing industry from the overall situation, and more importantly, Many projects have given strong technical and financial support, and this kind of support is unprecedented.



The automation supporting enterprises are in full bloom, the crazy appearance of various robot companies, the constant innovation of various automation control technologies, and the innovation of various automation solutions, let us truly feel the vitality of this industry, and also see its potential. Inappropriate, as a manufacturing company in the precision machining industry, if you don't have any automated upgrade ideas, you are embarrassed to chat with others.



The traditional manufacturing industry will face unprecedented challenges. The challenge is not only the rising labor costs, but also the uneven quality of products. Many Chinese companies do not have the excessive conditions from making products to making high-quality products. The conditions are more lacking in thinking. These companies still position the products at such a level as “enough and usable”. They have not made progress to the level of “useful and want to use”. The manufacturing process of the products is in the “cottage”. In the process of “independent R&D” transformation, those companies that adhere to the rules will become the victims of a new round of reshuffle.



With the further increase of the available labor force in China and the continuous development of the tertiary industry, the precision machining industry will have an unparalleled situation, especially for traditional manufacturing industries that rely entirely on manpower, especially 90. After and after 00, they are more willing to spend their energy and time on their own interests and hobbies in the face of diverse job market and stable family support. They have more capital and willingness to desire freedom and beauty. They are at work and life. There is more room for balance, and the “dirty, tired, chaotic, and poor” attached to the traditional machinery industry will greatly affect their career choices. We can even boldly predict if China does not take automation and intelligence. The road, the label of the manufacturing powers will also fade out of our horizons.



Industrial Internet, robotics, automation, intelligent sensing equipment, information technology, data processing and other cross-industry integration will be widely used in the manufacturing and machinery industries, a product from research and development, procurement, manufacturing, commissioning, sales, services to corporate finance, etc. All links will become visible, timely and controllable due to the emergence of industrial Internet. The development of mobile terminals will also make many decisions and authorizations more three-dimensional and space-oriented. Any time can be working hours, anywhere. It can be an office, which is already a very realistic possibility.



The production of the company's products will be shifted from large-scale mass production to high-quality, good service and customizable development. Exporting high value-added products to the market, and establishing the bargaining power of the brand is the winning way for the future development of the company. Then blindly pursue big and complete, but should pay more attention to strong and refined, produce first-class products, establish first-class brand, provide first-class service, serve the most loyal customers, show the perfect self, and the company no longer pursues to do big And should pursue a good life.


Customized products, personalized products will become the bridge of communication between enterprises and customers, "we are different" will become the common pursuit of enterprises and customers.



The collision of various business models in the industry, the intertwining of various operating modes between industries, will be universal in the precision machining industry, especially the revolutionary changes brought by the Internet, which will be disruptive to the machinery industry. The change, the real economy and the virtual economy will be highly integrated, and its boundaries will gradually blur or even disappear.



The talent shortage in high-end manufacturing industry will further increase. The demand for talents and the training of talents in colleges and universities will be further exacerbated. Vocational education is expected to be in parallel with academic education. Universities are not solely for academic education, and they are qualified to deliver to enterprises. Application-oriented technical talents will become a possibility, and the cooperation between enterprises and universities will be further and mutually beneficial.



The independent innovation and R&D awareness of enterprises will be further strengthened and implemented by enterprises. The state will further improve the norms and systems of intellectual property rights, and promote and protect the sound development of product innovation. Enterprises can not only realize profits from product sales, but also pass Export patent technology to make money