You Do Not Understand The Small Rotary Drilling Rigs With Small Piling Machine

Through the construction site, you can see the busy construction machinery, into the construction site can understand the small Piling Machine and small rotary drilling rig, but you know the people know the small Piling Machine and small rotary drilling rig Distinction, but if you are outsiders or people who have just arrived is not necessarily, it is difficult to distinguish. The following Huilong mechanical Xiaobian for you a brief introduction to the difference between these two devices.

Small Piling Machine and small rotary drilling rig in fact the work principle is certainly the same, because the Piling Machine is only another kind of rotary drilling rig, but to separate a distinction, it will be in the hole depth of the distinction , Small Piling Machine piling depth is generally about 15 meters, and for small rotary drilling rig, its body compact, easy to operate, the diameter and depth of piling will be larger than the small Piling Machine, can reach 30 Multi-meter deep.

Small rotary drilling rig is the use of self-weight pressure and cylinder pressure two drilling mode, can achieve a small rotary drilling drill pile deep 5-25 meters, matching different specifications of the drilling, pile hole diameter range of up to 600-1200mm. The scope of application of the product is: soil layer, clay layer, filling layer, silt layer, silt layer, and some strata containing pebbles, gravel and strong weathered rock; suitable for housing construction, high-speed rail catenary, slope protection, urban construction , Civil construction, new rural construction, power grid transformation, landscaping and other projects.

Finally, Xiaobian remind you need to buy small piling machine customers, you must according to their actual needs to select the appropriate construction machinery, no matter what kind of equipment used, should be used in accordance with the procedures to operate, but also regular maintenance Maintenance, in order to ensure safe production.