JZL120piling Machine

JZL120piling Machine
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Shandong Huaxia Group Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China JZL120piling machine manufacturers, we are able to offer you JZL120piling machine mast section, cab or boom, welcome to contact our factory.

bore diameter600-1000mm bore depth32m

The walking modeDynamoelectric-pedrail
The support-mode of the stand-poleThree-point support
The rotaion angle360º
The standard height of the stand-pole(m)36.5
The diameter of the stand-pole(mm)Φ750
The allowed drawing force(kN)750
The dimension of the total machine(m×m)12.8×7.2
The ground contact length of the pedrail(m)5
The width of the pedrail (mm)800
The lean range of the stand-poleFront lean9  Back lean5
The climb capacity of the piling frame
The oriented central distance of the stand-pole(mm)600×Φ102  330×Φ70
The vibration hammerThe size of the hammerDZ120
The dapth of the piling (m)33
The screw drilling machineThe applicable modelZKL1200
The depth of the drill(m)≤31
The hoisterThe charging speed(m/min)32
The walking MechanismThe walking speed(km/h)0.25
The rotation speed (kw)2×15
The rotation MechanismThe rotation speed(r/min)0.25
The model df the electromotorZD32-4-4.5KW
The model of the reducerXLED95-731-4.5
The adjust structure of the lean-supportThe speed of the adjustment line(m/min)0.26
The model of the machanismXLD4-4-1/35
The hydraulic systemOil pumpCBQ-F630-AFP
The rated pressure(MPa)16
The model of the electromotorY180M-4-22KW
The ratio pressure of the ground       (Without the walking equipment)The support-legs(MPa)0.55
The pedrail rail(MPa)0.06

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